The Sports Explosion is an interactive, educational event designed to connect youth and families to resources and opportunities for healthy, active lifestyles. The Sports Explosion is a FREE event for community members of all ages and abilities. The event is designed to welcome the entire family for a “Day of Play.”

The Sports Explosion showcases the significance of healthy lifestyles, preventive care, and overall wellness by celebrating the benefits of sports as a fun way to provide these key messages:

  1. Treating yourself as an athlete will encourage proper nutrition, rest, preventive care and overall well-being and fitness.
  2. Maintaining health doesn’t have to be a chore or an expense. Playing games with friends and family can satisfy the recommended daily amount of physical activity to prevent health disparities and control weight.
  3. Engaging in sports and recreation on a regular basis will form healthy habits for life.
  4. Participating in sports, fitness activities, and play will benefit all aspects of your life: social, mental, emotional, and physical.
  5. Fitness is a family affair! There are sport and fitness activities out there for everyone, and the Sports Explosion will help you find it!

To reinforce these messages, the Sports Explosion offers a variety of professional & elite athletes, health & wellness experts, and community organizations & businesses to speak on behalf of the benefits of leading an active life. Athlete interviews, demonstrations of selected sports, and participation opportunities (clinics and unstructured play activities) are components unique to the Sports Explosion. Sports ranging from soccer to baseball, and tai chi to tennis, offer every participant a personal experience with the sport in a friendly environment.

A passport/raffle system is utilized to encourage event attendees to visit as many information booths as possible in order to be eligible for drawings throughout the day. Participating vendors are encouraged to donate free trial memberships, wellness materials, and appropriate prizes to continue the education opportunities after the Sports Explosion event.