Nick Lowery

Nick Lowery transcends any simple category.  Hall of Fame athlete, Ivy scholar, Presidential aide, poet, teacher, philanthropist.  Nick was inducted into the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame in 2009.  The most accurate and prolific field goal kicker in NFL History when he left the National Football League, Nick set 4 all-time NFL records.   Nick’s story is about persistence, focus and passion – before making it, he was cut by eight NFL teams eleven times!  He is the only American to work for both President George HW Bush (1989) and President Bill Clinton (1993) in the White House Office of National Service. With a BA from Dartmouth College in Government, in 2002 Lowery became the first pro athlete with both a Masters and Fellowship from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Nick’s message is that passion and focus can help you achieve your highest purpose ~ and split the goalposts of your life!

Leadership ~ Nick’s lifetime of work is about giving power and voice to the next generation.  Lowery was instrumental in the creation and passage of Americorps in 1993 for President Bill Clinton and the Points of Light Foundation for President HW Bush.  Programs the Nick Lowery Youth Foundation ( founded and that thrive today include:

  • Adult Role Models for Youth (ARMY), now Youthfriends and a driving mentoring force in Kansas and Missouri) (in its 22nd year)
  • Native Vision with Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health and the NFL Players Association (in its 16th year)
  • Nation Building for Native Youth (NBNY), now in its eleventh year.
  • Founding Directorof the National Fund for Excellence in American Indian Education
  • The Foundation’s newest program, NEXT (“New Extraordinary Examples of Transcendent” Leadership) integrates the Native American mini-tribal clan model and Harvard’s faction-based ‘Adaptive leadership’ concepts to develop leaders among a broad sector of all American youth, began at Dartmouth College in 2010.  (visit the website’s NEXT page for the “Creation Story”)
  • McGill University’s Leadership Council for its Center for the Study of International Development.
  • Lowery promotes healthy development by hosting annually the Phoenix Sports Explosion, promoting fitness and health with the Phoenix Regional Sports Commission and the Women’s Sports Foundation with world renowned sports figures *(see video at

National Awards ~ Nick is the winner of the NFL Player’s foremost humanitarian award, the Byron Whizzer White award, the US Jaycees’Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award(won by Elvis and JFK), and the National Community Service Award from United Cerebral Palsy for his work with at risk and disabled youth.

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